"All it takes are a few simple outfits. And there's one secret- The simpler the better." Cary Grant

Monday, February 1, 2010

Off The Streets: Hong Kong

This man was spotted during my Yum Cha breakfast! I think the way he carries himself shows a lot of masculinity as well as being happy and comfortable in his own skin!

The real highlight of the photo is indeed his white socks! Now even I remember during high school: teachers outlawed the mixing of white socks with our traditional school uniform- which in turn, has made it so that even when I did start getting into men's style, white socks with suiting was made to appear as if it was the biggest mistake a man could make! So then, why not break down all these pre-concieved notions of what is and what is not accpetable in terms of style, after all isn't style all about being individualised, innovative and inspiring? Fair to say I am indeed thinking too deeply into this, this man most likely wears his white socks because it is comfortable (thicker, longer lasting for long working hours) and because he thinks no one will ever see behind his desk..... (oh how he was wrong!). At the end of the day I love his effortless nature, perfect example of how daggy Hong Kong businessmen are now some of the most stylish men i've seen!


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