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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hong Kong This Coming Week!

Am I excited? Very, has watching 'Up In The Air' made flying all the more easy for me? NO!

I'll have to be in at Sydney International Airport in a few hours, but not without one last Male Umbrella post!- Just reflecting on the past week I thought at the end of the post i'd share a picture from last weekends celebrations! It was for my mate's (Patrick) 21st! (What am I wearing you might ask?: Arthur Galan Shirt, SABA Black Skinny, SABA pants, Aquilla Shoes)

What am I packing for Hong Kong? Temperatures are about 14-19 degrees celsius, so I have packed a few shirts that are nice on, and even better in case things get messy, as well as a few basic v-neck sweaters for layering! Have packed a pair of rubber sole slip on loafers for a more dressy look and top this off with a light scarf and a electric blue cardigan, and I'm ready to go off to HK in search of anything TOM FORD, ZARA, H&M and RALPH LAUREN. Hopefully i'll buy sensibly whilst taking in the culture of the beautiful Country my parents used to call home!

(N.B. the photo below is of Monique and myself in Sydney's infamous Kings Cross. Enjoy!)


On a final note, to really get me in the mood (to travel and shop) I have to thank Joanna and Rowena for taking the time to take a picture and send me the photo of the D&G window display they came across during a recent trip to Taiwan. Good choice ladies! (N.B. Such a glamourous display, the bow ties speak for themselves whilst the updated smoking jacket and the shawl like slim lapelle is breath taking! I just realised how much of D&G I see in Tom Ford's collection- makes me think who is influencing who? )


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