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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Meeting The Sartorialist At His Book Signing In Sydney 2009

Here you have it: The Male Umbrella meets The Sartorialist!

What an experience! Had a awesome chat with Scott, mainly about my cravat and his pocket square, which is exactly how it should have been!

The book signing was from 6-9, I arrived a little before 6 and watched the lines grow and grow all the way down the block in Paddington. On the way out the sky was dark as there was a storm brewing, the final shot below is a sneaky shot I took from my car driving off with my freshly signed book and the memory of meeting Scott Schuman!

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  1. oh you met Scott Schuman in person I am envy of you:) I want to buy his photograph book too.p.s. lovely blog!