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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lionfest 2010 (Sydney, Australia)

Yesterday I attended Lionfest 2010, an event that showcased many performances from various martial arts (primarily Kung Fu) schools. Lion Dancing, of course was to be the main focus of the day. This ancient Chinese sport continues to feature regularly in festivals and events all around the world, it's definitely had a huge presence in my life, which is why in the pictures of today's post I will try and convey to you the happiness which the Lion tends to bring to everyday life.

 The symbolism of the Lion for this particular post is the modern day Gentleman, charming and stoic, with a touch of flamboyancy (based on the behind the scenes photos of the performers).

Legstand on benches

Senior performers run through their routine consisting of three lions. Working with the modern Gentleman motif we could say the style and grace represents the Lion dance almost like a Chinese equivalent of the traditional Waltz..


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