"All it takes are a few simple outfits. And there's one secret- The simpler the better." Cary Grant

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Darling Girl (1957)

When I decided to change this picture from colour into black and white I had no idea of what the consequences would be- in this case it happened to be good ones! Old school suaveness, depicting various styles and cultures from the past.

1. Shirt by Uniqlo, 2. Scarf by SABA, 3. Coat by Lane Crawford, 4. Pocket square by Chorley's

My outfit is by no means historically accurate, however I believe that the cravat, overcoat, pocket square and brushed back hair gave me a 1950s Hong Kong flavour, I started to think jazz clubs and Chinese Swing dancing in America- like the segment in 'Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story'

(Above: Bruce Lee dancing the cha cha with Diana Chang Chung-wen, 1964)

My other inspiration was Fred Astaire..

(Below: Fred Astaire, 1940. Included because of the use of the 'Astaire' folding of the pocket square seen on my overcoat)


  1. havent been on your blog for a while now. good job! looking schmick mr

  2. thanks Mella! your blog has a lot of work put into it too!